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Create Revenue Redundancy – Don't leave revenue on the table.

Updated: Feb 15

Tweak & Repeat. 🔁

You are leaving dollars on the table.

Ending up with a meal kit business in default, we quickly realized the metrics for traditional growth weren't there.

→ Low margin

→ High touch

We realized the worst place for a business to be is to have a single channel of growth.


Create a 3-legged stool, a tri-pod, a 3-point system.

Call it what you will, but just build in revenue redundancy.

The D2C world is constantly evolving.

Be ahead of the curve.

Build 3 customer channels, not just 1.

Here's how in a few easy steps per channel ⤵

1️⃣ Active customers // those who you intend to sell to.

→ Set up a hyper-specific acquisition campaign.

  • Get on the phone with your target demo (yes, even in D2C).

  • Try out 3 offers to see which converts quickest.

  • Take the quick convert offer and set it up as paid lead gen ad.

  • Follow the same formula with slight variations

  • Tweak & Repeat. 🔁

2️⃣ Passive customers // those who come to you happenstance.

→ Cast a wide net.

  • Post 3 poignant thought leadership narratives.

  • Make each off topic from your typical focus.

  • Add to each:

    • Clear POV

    • Video narrative

    • CTR links

    • Affiliate link

    • Partner % discount (brokers a referral % also)

  • Push out through Email, Social and even PR if you choose.

  • See where people come from and what they click on / buy.

  • Tweak & Repeat. 🔁

3️⃣ Referral customers // those who get passed your way.

→ Maximize your diversity.

  • Pick 5 partners in different categories (ex. suppliers, like-minded brands, friends, etc.)

  • Do the following activities with each of them in this order:

    • Brand give away

    • Email co-promotion

    • Email refer-a-friend

    • Social tag-a-friend

  • Pick the partner that gets you the best sales.

  • Find more of them.

  • Tweak & Repeat. 🔁

Every brand ebbs and flows.

When one channel slows, another will pick up.

Protect your assets.

Constantly attend to your 3-point revenue system.

You've got this.


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