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Create Revenue Redundancy – Don't leave revenue on the table.

Updated: Apr 23

Tweak & Repeat. 🔁

You are leaving dollars on the table.

We are not a venture backable business. Well, one we might be, but today we quickly realized the metrics for traditional growth aren't there.

In most businesses you will see something similar:

→ Low margin

→ High touch

→ High COGS

As a result, you need to find a way to increase your margin and boost your sales, assuming you are going to be building without capital. You need the conversion to happen quickly and sustainably.

The worst place for a business to be is to have a single channel of growth.


Create a 3-legged stool, a tri-pod, a 3-point system.

Call it what you will, but just build in revenue redundancy.

The D2C world is constantly evolving.

Be ahead of the curve.

Build 3 customer channels, not just 1.

Here's how in a few easy steps per channel ⤵

1️⃣ Active customers // those who you intend to sell to.

→ Set up a hyper-specific acquisition campaign.

  • Get on the phone with your target demo (yes, even in D2C).

  • Try out 3 offers to see which converts quickest.

  • Take the quick convert offer and set it up as paid lead gen ad.

  • Follow the same formula with slight variations

  • Tweak & Repeat. 🔁

2️⃣ Passive customers // those who come to you happenstance.

→ Cast a wide net.

  • Post 3 poignant thought leadership narratives.

  • Make each off topic from your typical focus.

  • Add to each:

    • Clear POV

    • Video narrative

    • CTR links

    • Affiliate link

    • Partner % discount (brokers a referral % also)

  • Push out through Email, Social and even PR if you choose.

  • See where people come from and what they click on / buy.

  • Tweak & Repeat. 🔁

3️⃣ Referral customers // those who get passed your way.

→ Maximize your diversity.

  • Pick 5 partners in different categories (ex. suppliers, like-minded brands, friends, etc.)

  • Do the following activities with each of them in this order:

    • Brand give away

    • Email co-promotion

    • Email refer-a-friend

    • Social tag-a-friend

  • Pick the partner that gets you the best sales.

  • Find more of them.

  • Tweak & Repeat. 🔁

Every brand ebbs and flows.

When one channel slows, another will pick up.

Protect your assets.

Constantly attend to your 3-point revenue system.

You've got this.


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