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Superstruct Advisor & Partner Profile: Brent Robertson

Updated: Apr 29

Brent Robertson


Be Generative & Fathom

With over 25 years of experience as an advisor, entrepreneur, and a TED/Keynote speaker, Brent Robertson works with leaders who aspire for their next chapter to be the one they’d be proud to have define them.

He is the creator of Generative Listening and his company, Be Generative, which provides advanced generative listening and Leadership programs focused on equipping leaders for a world without precedent.

For more than 20 years, Brent ran Fathom, a consulting firm that helps leaders create high-performance, purpose-driven organizations with his partner and co-founder David Louden (now from Loud & Clear).

Brent is passionate about working with people who are committed to stepping into their potential and who are open to provocative ideas and shifts in perspective that encourage radical growth.

He draws on his diverse background in design, sculpture, leadership and wilderness adventure to create engaging and memorable experiences, and shape profoundly powerful conversations that leave lasting impressions on those he works with.

Recently we conducted a 2-hour session from our 360º Assessment + Growth Plan with Brent. Here is his testimonial:


How Brent Works

Want to learn more about Generative Listening and Leadership Forum? Check out what Brent is building.

Brent can participate as an add-on to any one of our products, or he can be a next step after we get through the initial Growth Plan together. His work is often 'foundational' to any work that you do, since he is redefining how you actually listen to the information being sent your way.

To get started, learn more about Ichigo Ichie - One moment, one lifetime. Every moment, even the seemingly mundane, holds a richness waiting to be discovered. This weekend, try approaching the "every day" with the same open heart and attentive spirit we cultivated in the workshop.

What if, while unloading the dishwasher or catching up with a loved one, we truly listened for the whispers of joy, connection, and wonder that often get drowned out by the noise of routine?

Reach out to get to know Brent and work with him.


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