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Superstruct Profile: Rache Brand

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Rache Brand

Rache Brand

Chief Executive Officer


Rache Brand has been a founder, an operator, and a builder. Her journey is windy, but aren't they all?

In 2022 she transitioned into private credit and this has been the most rewarding part of her journey to date.

Superstruct is an advisory service business that provides an affordable workshop with a 360º Assessment + Growth Plan. It offers 3-next steps to help the business raise revenue while remaining net positive.

Rache believes in a positive sum mindset, working in the same direction towards growth.


Intentional Path Forward

Rache was the founder of a business called TILT, which operated in Baltimore and London in food, sustainability, and commercialization for a sustainable future. Her largest clients were Compass Group, International Paper, and Kwik Trip Stores. She also established a non-profit called TILT Foundation, which supported the community with climate events.

She exited with three spin-off organizations from TILT and went to work at the Food & Brand Lab at Cornell University in the Dyson School in Applied Economic. She did a behavioral communication research project with City Harvest in NYC bodegas and small grocers and provided a K-12 School communications research project with NYC Public Schools, which later was Nationally adopted. She started Brands on the Rise and worked as a consultant through her own brand. Chobani was the most notable client rising from $23m to $880m in the foodservice division in just under 4-years.

She landed in Venture Capital in 2016, which was the start to her finance career. She was a partner raising a $50m fund on the premise of changing the future of food. Key investments were planned to be Air Protein, Brightseed, and Biolumen. The majority of the management team was enfolded into Agfunder post-pandemic.

There was an underlying consistent struggle in the Venture Capital space, that the community was driving the businesses Rache wanted to work with to accelerate faster than the market was willing to adopt. She believes the capital class for these new and novel food of the future founders need a new kind of capital.

Rache landed in Connecticut in economic development for the state as part of the non-profit arm of Connecticut Innovations (CI), Connecticut's Venture Capital evergreen fund.

Rache's life's work is yet to be initiated. One day, after raising funds and building and growing Superstruct, it will be in food as medicine. Her goal is to build the Whole Human Project, which will focus on humans, their lifestyles, and the food consumption that drives our global community.

Please reach out if you want to get to know Rache.

Notable clients from 2010 forward, include:

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