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Embracing Intuition: A Dive into Human Design with The Erah Society

Updated: Apr 25

In the bustling world of innovation and entrepreneurship, it's rare to find individuals who successfully blend personal insight with professional pursuits. Alex Verville developed Erah Society along with his life partner Jasmin "Jas" Nnenna. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Alex to explore how the Human Design System has influenced his life and career choices. 

Here's what unfolded in our insightful conversation.

Rache Brand: Alex, it's fascinating how you integrate the principles of Human Design into your personal life, your work with Erah Society, and occasionally, Superstruct. What is human design for readers who might be unfamiliar with it?

Alex Verville: Absolutely, Rache. Human Design is a system that combines elements from various disciplines—astrology, the IChing, the Kabbalah, and the Chakra system—to create a unique personal profile. This profile offers insights into how we should make decisions and interact with the world. For me, it's been a transformative tool that guides me in aligning with my true nature.

Rache Brand: How has this system specifically influenced your decision-making processes?

Alex Verville: It's all about understanding and trusting my gut feeling. According to my Human Design, I'm a Generator, which means I'm built to respond. Learning this has encouraged me to wait for things to come to me and respond based on my gut reaction. This approach has not only brought a profound sense of peace but also significantly improved the outcomes of my decisions.

Rache Brand: That's intriguing. Can you share a pivotal moment when following your gut feeling led to a major shift or success?

Alex Verville: Certainly. A few years back, I was at a crossroads career-wise. I had multiple paths I could take, each promising in its own way. Instead of analytically weighing each option, I waited to feel a pull towards one. It didn't make sense on paper, but my gut was leaning heavily towards collaborating more significantly with Superstruct. That decision was a game changer—it led to some of the most fruitful projects of my career.

Rache Brand: I'm intrigued by your journey from playing professional soccer to exploring various business avenues, and now, deeply involving yourself with Erah Society. What sparked this significant shift in your life?

Alex Verville: Great question. My life has been a series of realizations and transformations. Initially, my career was about pursuing what I thought was success – sports, corporate roles, you name it. But there was always this underlying sense of unfulfillment, this feeling that I wasn't living true to myself. Meeting my wife was a turning point. We both felt this urge to reset our lives, which led us to move to Thailand, teach English, and deeply explore our inner selves. This journey was about stripping away the inauthentic and embracing what truly resonated with our spirits.

Rache Brand: That sounds incredibly transformative. How did these experiences influence what you're building with Erah Society?

Alex Verville: They were foundational. Erah Society emerged from our desire to create a space where people could explore and grow without the constraints of traditional societal structures. We focus on contemplative practices, including meditation and a broader dialogue with our environment and our inner selves. Our approach is about facilitating a deep, authentic engagement with life, leveraging tools like Human Design to guide our community members through their personal and professional journeys.

"Human Design is fascinating because it merges several wisdom traditions and modern science into a framework that helps people understand their unique nature." – Alex Verville

Rache Brand: Speaking of Human Design, you've mentioned how pivotal it has been for you. Could you expand on how it integrates into your work and personal life?

Alex Verville: Absolutely. Human Design is fascinating because it merges several wisdom traditions and modern science into a framework that helps people understand their unique nature. For me, it acts as a blueprint that reaffirms my intuition and guides my decisions. In Erah Society, we use Human Design to help our members identify their strengths and how they can best interact with others, both personally and professionally. It's about aligning with your true self, which inevitably enhances your effectiveness and fulfillment.

Rache Brand: How do you think this approach changes the way we look at business and entrepreneurship?

Alex Verville: It's revolutionary. Traditional business often forces people into roles that don't truly fit them, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction. Understanding and embracing our innate designs allows us to craft roles and businesses that align with our strengths and passions. This not only increases productivity and satisfaction but also fosters environments where innovation and authenticity thrive. At Erah Society, we apply these principles internally and encourage our members to do the same in their ventures.

Rache Brand: It seems that through Erah Society, you're not just creating a business but fostering a movement towards more authentic living. How do you see this evolving in the future?

Alex Verville: Our vision is expansive. We see Erah Society not just as a community but as a catalyst for a global movement towards authenticity and self-awareness in all aspects of life. We're exploring partnerships, like with Superstruct, to integrate our approaches into broader ecosystems, impacting more lives. The goal is to create spaces—both virtual and physical—where individuals can come to find support, growth, and transformation.

Rache Brand: It seems like incorporating Human Design has also affected how you operate within Erah Society and Superstruct. Can you expand on that?

Alex Verville: Yes, it influences not just my actions but how I interact with teams. Understanding not only my design but also the designs of my colleagues helps us work together more harmoniously. We focus on leveraging each person's strengths. For example, knowing who a manifestor or a projector is helps in assigning leadership roles and collaborative tasks more effectively.

Rache Brand: That sounds incredibly efficient. Do you think these principles could be beneficial in other areas of business or personal development?

Alex Verville: Absolutely, Rache. Human Design offers a lens through which to view not only oneself but also how we interact with others. In business, this can lead to better team dynamics, more effective leadership, and overall, a more authentic way of operating. Personally, it brings about a greater understanding of self and others, fostering relationships that are built on true recognition and mutual respect.

"Embrace Authentic Connections: Cultivate relationships that encourage genuine interaction and mutual growth."

Rache Brand: Alex, you’ve mentioned a specific draw towards working with Superstruct. Can you delve into what about Superstruct resonated with you so deeply?

Alex Verville: Absolutely, Rache. My interest in Superstruct isn't just professional—it's deeply personal. Superstruct operates at the intersection of innovation and authenticity, which mirrors the foundational elements we cherish at Erah Society. What really struck me about Superstruct was their commitment to not just fostering business growth but also supporting the holistic development of founders and their teams.

Rache Brand: How do you see your role within Superstruct enhancing both your goals and theirs?

Alex Verville: Joining forces with Superstruct feels like a natural extension of my journey. I see my role as bridging the gap between the structural, strategic elements of business and the more intuitive, human-centered approach that we champion at Erah Society. My goal is to infuse Superstruct's projects with insights from Human Design and our contemplative practices, which I believe can enhance decision-making and team dynamics in profound ways.

Rache Brand: It sounds like a powerful synergy. Can you share an example of how you envision applying these principles in a practical business setting?

Alex Verville: Certainly. Imagine a startup grappling with team alignment and leadership challenges. By integrating Human Design, we can create tailored development plans that respect each individual's design type, improving collaboration and satisfaction. For example, ensuring that Projectors are in roles that allow them to guide and advise, while Generators are positioned to execute and respond, leveraging their natural energy patterns.

Rache Brand: How does this align with Superstruct’s broader vision?

Alex Verville: Superstruct is all about building sustainable, innovative companies that can thrive in today’s dynamic market. My involvement is aimed at enhancing this vision by ensuring that the companies and leaders we support are not just economically successful but are also thriving environments where people feel understood and valued. This alignment between individual purpose and organizational goals is what I believe creates truly sustainable success.

Rache Brand: It’s clear your work with Superstruct is more than just a collaboration; it’s a confluence of shared values and visions. Thank you, Alex, for sharing these insights, which surely enrich our understanding of your impactful work.

Alex Verville: It’s an exciting time, and I’m eager to see how these integrations evolve and help shape the future of business and personal development.

Rache Brand: Alex, thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us today. It's clear that living and working in alignment with your natural design isn't just a philosophy—it's a practical approach that has tangible benefits.

Alex Verville: Thank you, Rache. I hope more people explore what Human Design can offer. It's a tool that provides not only clarity but also a path to a more fulfilled life and a more harmonious work environment.

"Engage in Contemplative Practices: Regularly practice meditation, deep reflection, or other forms of mindfulness to stay connected with your inner self."

Alex Verville's story is a powerful reminder of the profound impact personal authenticity can have on our lives and businesses. His work with Erah Society is not just about personal growth; it's about redefining success and fulfillment in the modern world.

Here are 15 ways you can get started with owning your unique human design today: 

  1. Discover Your Human Design: Learn about your specific Human Design to understand your innate strengths and how best to make decisions and interact with others.

  2. Engage in Contemplative Practices: Regularly practice meditation, deep reflection, or other forms of mindfulness to stay connected with your inner self.

  3. Reset Your Environment: Consider a significant change in your environment, like traveling or moving, to detach from routine pressures and gain new perspectives.

  4. Embrace Authentic Connections: Cultivate relationships that encourage genuine interaction and mutual growth.

  5. Focus on Personal Alignment: Align your personal and professional life with your core values and innate characteristics.

  6. Utilize Reflective Tools: Use tools like journals or guided meditations to reflect on your daily experiences and emotions.

  7. Prioritize Self-Care: Make self-care a priority to maintain both your physical and mental health.

  8. Set Clear Intentions: Define what you want to achieve in various areas of your life and set clear, actionable goals.

  9. Embrace Learning and Growth: Continuously seek out new knowledge and experiences to expand your understanding and skills.

  10. Cultivate Resilience: Develop resilience by facing challenges head-on and learning from setbacks.

  11. Practice Gratitude: Regularly acknowledge and appreciate the good in your life, which can shift your focus from what you lack to what you have.

  12. Live with Openness: Remain open to new experiences and perspectives, which can lead to unexpected opportunities and insights.

  13. Follow Your Intuition: Trust and follow your gut feelings, especially when making significant life decisions.

  14. Seek Community Support: Engage with like-minded communities that support your growth and share your values.

  15. Reflect on Your Legacy: Consider the mark you want to leave on the world and how your daily actions contribute to this vision.

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