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Superstruct Profile: Alex Verville

Updated: Apr 25

Alex Verville

Brand & People Connector


Alex Verville is a stay-at-home dad, founder, operator, and community builder. His journey has taken him to four continents (five countries) and many roles and collaborations—from Director of Marketing and communications at a diversified holding company to professional athlete, English Teacher, retail shop owner, co-founder of a wellness brand, and Head of Operations at a non-dilutive Capital firm. The road has been custom to him. 

Alex is a tremendous connector. He has connected the dots of his life which has led him to a unique path in life. His story is life changing.

In 2022, working in the non-dilutive capital space, he noticed a significant problem amongst most companies and founders––90% of them used money to plug a hole. 

As his background for the last five years has been in founder and entrepreneurial wellness as a Co-founder of Erah Society (Emerging Renaissance Age of Human Society), the current state of founders and businesses made him want to do more. 

Fate stepped in again; after meeting Rache Brand, a shared passion for companies growing, scaling, and maneuvering in their unique way was channeled into Superstruct. 

Reach out if you want to connect with Alex

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